Oct 29, 2015

Greens - Winter Programme 2015/2016

 Work continues on the course throughout the winter

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 To ensure all membeers are aware of the  proposed work on the course this winter, here is a brief list of work planned:

6th Tee box - due to drainage problems and the need to  work under the 6th tee and issues surrounding the ladies tee - subsidence,  resulting in the need  for remedial work. It was decided to  redesign the 6th tee whilst  all the work was being carried out.

Build two new junior tee boxers - 3rd and 15th holes.

Living Tree Project (self financing) - this involves the planting of oak trees throughout the course.

Repair bridge between the  16th and 17th fairways  due to the supports collapsing.

Clear all ditches on the course as far as possible.

All GUR to be given attention with a view to improvement.

 To eliminate the  treading of red ash from the paths onto the course,  lay  corrogated webbing at the end of the paths as  per the path across the bridge leading to the 4th green.

Maintenace of machinery - in house where possible.