Oct 21, 2014

Grant News _ Heworth Golf Club has been successful in applying for a number of Grants during 2014

 Heworth Golf Club have  been awarded a number of grants from a variety of siurces during 2014. It is hoped that this will be the start of successful applications through 2014/2015

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Grant News - Heworth Golf Club

Over the previous months, the club has applied for and been  awarded the following Grants:

Tyne and Wear Sport - Square Chipping Net 2m x 2m. This will be in use on one of our practice areas at the start of the 2015 golfing season.

Gateshead Council Local Community Fund - Equipment listed below mainly for the use of coaching Primary  School aged pupils and Juniors at Heworth Golf Club. All Primary School aged pupils who attend the coaching will become Junior members of the club as part of the grant application.

Tennis Factory Mini Net

Tennis Factory Micro Net

Tennis Factory Volley Ladder

GolfParc Championship Golf Hole

GolfParc Driving School

JOLF Tee (2 off)

JOLF Throw (6 off)

Cricket Factory Drill Points

Cricket Factory Target Tunnels (2 off)

Cricket Factory Mini Slip Net

JOLF Obstacle

Play More Golf - Through EnglandGolf

Project to offer subsidised golf coaching to encourage more adults within the community to play golf. This includes the opportunity to promote the coaching from our PGA Professionals through  'pop up' banners, fence banners, leaflet drops. The coaching will also include  social membership.

Gateshead Council Building Capacity Fund 2014/2015

The Project offers the opportunity to build the golfing capacity of the club. Further discussions will take place with Gateshead Council regarding this successful application. The Project includes:

ASQ Level 1 Certificate in Coaching for three golf club members

ASQ Level 2 Certificate in Coaching for three golf club members

1 Year Survey Monkey to allow the club to survey members views on a number of future developments.

PGA subsidised coaching (target 60 persons x 6-1 hour lessons)

Advertising (leaflet drop 3 x 2 month advertising over 12 months)

TESCO Community Award - awaiting result of application.

Furthe Grant applications will be made through 2014/2015 - we look forward to members support in these applications.