Nov 13, 2014

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 The Greens sub committee along with Head Greenkeeper - Colin Pringle wish to  advise members on the Winter Program 2014-2015

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 Winter Program 2014-2015

The following  are details of the  Winter program to be undertaken by the Green staff at Heworth Golf Club:

5th Green - Bunker to the left hand side on approach to the green to be  re designed and alterations completed.

Complete outlet to the rear of the 3rd Tee.

Remove dead trees where necessary.

Extend astro turf paths on 15th and 16th holes where necessary.

Weed, edge and top up paths  where necessary.

Edge bunkers and top up with sand where applicable.

Sevice machinery.

Prune trees where necessary.

Strim ditches.

Mole plough.

Monitor drainage.

Plant approximately 300 scotch pine in various areas.

Progress below with 5th Green Left hand side bunker