Information will be posted on this page throughout this season relevant to initially Mens Competitions. Please also see the Rules of Golf  and Local Rules Pages.



Can all players please ensure they indicate their correct handicap on their scorecards and ensure it is signed by both the marker and the player.

The computer system SHOULD indicate handicaps but please also check the men’s locker room for additional notices regarding handicaps.

Any queries regarding handicaps/competitions SHOULD be directed   to the competitions committee.  An email link is available on the Club Website/


Use of Swipe Card

Could all members who intend to play in Men’s competitions as listed in the Fixtures please ensure that their swipe card (the one they use to pay for drinks etc. at the bar) is useable with the Touch Screen located in the Bar Area. The SWIPE CARD will be used initially to Enter Competitions via a Start Sheet from a Friday evening in the Clubhouse Bar from 6.30 pm and eventually to Sign in to competitions on the respective day and to Enter Your Score at the end of the round.

If your card does not work, please see Bernie in the Administrators Office for a replacement.

A very important notice is situated in various areas of the Clubhouse  advising members to ensure their Swipe Card  has enough funds to use when Signing In on the day of the competition,  SELECT HERE to view.

 Entry to Men's Competitions

Could all members who intend to play in Men’s competitions as listed in the Fixtures please note the following  arrangements for competitions:

Friday Evening - Obtain queuing number from a memeber of the Competitions Committee from 5.30pm.

Sign in to Competitions via the PSI Touch Screen Start Sheet - sign in to commence at 6.30pm.  A memeber of the Competitions Committee will be there to assist.

You will only be able to sign in on the Start Sheet showing on the Touch Screen  from 6.30pm Friday until 6.00pm the following Friday.  On a Thursday before the Competition an Initial Draw will be conducted and posted in the Men's Locker Room and on the Club Website.  This will hopefully allow for most bookings or apologies. There will no longer be a paper based apology sheet.  

The booking facilty will be re-opened after the draw to allow for final bookings or apologies until 6.00pm on Friday.

Once the bookings close at 6.00pm on a Friday players are committed to play in the Competition.  Failure to comply will result in suspension from the next Weekend Singles Competition.

You will not be able to ring the club or/Pros Shop to obtain a tee time. Tee times will only be available in the Bar area via the Touch Screen and later online via Howdidido from 8.00pm on teh Friday that the booking opens.

 Any members wishing to withdraw from the Competition after the Thursday Draw has been made must do so online or in the Clubhouse Bar prior to teh Friday 6.00pm cut off. 

The booking/apology deadline will extend to 6.00pm on a Saturday prior to a Sunday Competition.

The above arrangements may alter depending on the type of Competition being held the following week.  Members will be advised accordingly.

****Please not that Competition Results will normally be posted on a Sunday Morning except for two day Competitions when the first round results will be posted on Saturday Evening.**** 


Fenwick Green and Calcutta Cup Qualifying Competitions

Notices have been placed in the Mens Locker Room concerning the arrangements for the  various options for Charging for these competitions. SELECT HERE to view  notice. SELECT HERE to view actual costs for the competition.

R H Jopling Qualifier

Notices have been placed in the Mens Locker Room concerning the arrangements for the various options for Charging for this competition. SELECT HERE to view notice. SELECT HERE to view actual costs for the competition.

Millenium Trophies - Greensomes Allowance

CLICK HERE for handicap allowances for this type of competition

Eclectic 2016

SELECT HERE to view information regarding entry to the 2016 Eclectic

Internet Bookings - Competitions 2016 - using howdidido

SELECT HERE to view instructions on how to make Internet bookings via howdidid

Alternatively go to the Members page and you will see a section on How Did I Do

Mens Field Day Qualifying Competitions

SELECT HERE to view notice regarding qualifying process