Ladies' Section - Fixture List 2018 

Please find below the fixture list for the Ladies' Section of Heworth Golf Club for 2018

The draw for an event will be attached when appropriate and when the event is complete the winner is entered against the fixture and the results from Club V1 will be attached.  Just click on 'Draw' or 'Results' when highlighted in blue and underlined.


Date     Competition Draw Winners Full Results
06.01.2018     Captains' Drive In 13:00      
15.01.2018     Ladies Committee Meeting 7pm      
17.01.2018     Ladies AGM      Committee
19.02.2018     Ladies Committee Meeting  7pm      
19.03.2018     Ladies committee meeting      
22.03.2018     Ladies Pre-Season Dinner      

Heworth Golf Club Annual General Meeting 7pm

 01.04.2018    closing date ladies M. Cassidy knockout  Draw    
 01.04.2018    closing date  Mixed knockout


 01.04.2018    closing date  Ladies Calcutta knockout  Draw    
01.04.2018     Lady Captain V Vice Captain  CANCELLED Draw  Course closed Result 


    Ladies Spring Stableford  Draw    Result 
11.04.2018     Ladies April Medal Course closed    Result 
15.04.2018     Hannay CupCOURSE CLOSED CANCELLED Draw   NOW 12/08 Result 
16.04.2018     Ladies committee meeting      
18.04.2018     Ladies April extra medal  NO ENTRIES NO ENTRIES    Result 
22.04.2018     Ladies Castle trophy Draw    Result 
23.04.2018     Ladies Sivewright V Boldon Away 13-30     Draw   2.5 to 2,5     Result 
26.04.2018     Ladies Sivewright  V  Wearside Away 13-30 Lost   3.5 to 1.5 Result 
      L     Result 
29.04.2018     Ladies Small Cup 12-00 to 14-00 Draw    Result 
01.05.2018      Ladies Anderson V Whickham Home 13-30 Won 6-1    Result 
05.05.2018     Club Secretaries Cup  Ladies slot     Result 
06.05.2018     No ladies comp Mens scratch open *****  ****** ****** 
07.05.2018     Heworth Mixed Foursomes Draw   Result 
09.05.2018      May Medal  and Lowery Qualifier     Result 
13.05.2018      Coronation Fours Qualifier Draw    Result 
20.05.2018      Ladies Jubilee Cup Draw    Result 
21.05.2018     Ladies Committee Meeting      
21.05.2018     Ladies Siveright V Boldon Home 13-30 Lost 3.5 to 1.5    Result 
23.05.2018     Ladies Extra May Medal     Result 
24.05.2018     Ladies Anderson V B. Castle Away 2-00pm Lost 3.5 to2.5    Result 
27.05.2018     Australian Spoons Qualifier Draw    Result 
27.05.2018     Ladies sweep under 15 handicap Not played    Result 
28.05.2018     Mixed texas scramble OPEN Cancelled   No support Result 
03.06.2018     Ladies nine hole England golf qualifier Draw    Result 
05.06.2018     Ladies Sivewright V Tyneside Home 13-30 Won 3.5 to 1.5    Result 
07.06.2018     Ladies  Anderson V Darlington Away  15-00 Lost 6.5 to 0.5   Result 
10.06.2018     Ladies Centenary Cup Draw    Result 
13.06.2018     Ladies June Medal     Result 
14.06.2018     Ladies Sivewright V Wearside Home 13-30     Result 
17.06.2018     Ladies Ping 4BBB qualifier Draw    Result 
18.06.2018     Committee meeting      
20.06.2018     Ladies June Extra medal     Result 
24.06.2018     Ladies   WCDS  Draw    Result 
25.06.2018     Ladies Anderson V Whickham Away 13-30 Lost 6-1    Result 
27.06.2018     Seniors V Ladies match 10-10 tee off Won by ladies     
28.06.2018     Ladies Sivewright V Beamish Away 13-30 Lost 3-2     Result
01.07.2018     Lady Captains Day Draw    Result 
04.07.2018     Ladies July Medal     Result 


    Ladies Club  championships 12-00 till 13-00  lst round DRAW    Result 
08.07.2018     Ladies club  12-00 till 14-00 2nd round and final scores     Result 
08.07.2018     Ladies club champs results     Results 
08.07.2018     Ladies  MacMillan  Spoons Draw    Results 
09.07.2018      Ladies Anderson V Ravensworth Away 14-00 Drew3.5 each    Result 
 11.07.2018      Ladies July Extra Medal     Result 
12-07-2018     Ladies Anderson V Darlington Home 13-30 Lost 4-3    Result 
14.07.2018     Club Captains day  Ladies slot Draw   Result 

Ladies JP Burns Trophy

Draw    Result 
16.07.2018     Ladies Committee meeting      
19.07.2018     Ladies Anderson V B. Castle Home 14-00

Lost 7-0 

22.07.2018     Ladies Invitation day     Result 
23.07.2018     Ladies Anderson V Ravensworth home  2-00pm  Won 4.5 to 2.5   Result 
26.07.2018     LadiesSivewright V Beamish home 1-30pm  Lost 4.5 to 1.5   Result 
29.07.2018     Ladies St Clares Trophy Draw   Rained off Result 
31.07.2018     Ladies Sivewright V Tyneside Away 13-30 lLost3.5 to 1.5   Result 
01.08.2018      Ladies August Medal     Result
05.08.2018     Ladies Auriel Newburn Trophy  Draw   Result 

Ladies American Texas Scramble open11-00/1330


11.08.2018     Presidents day ladies slot Draw   Result
12.08.2018     Ladies Hannay cup Draw    Result 
19.08.2018     Ladies Byers Cup  Draw   Result 
19.08.2018     First round handicap champs      
20.08.2018     Ladies committee meeting      
26.08.2018     Ladies Armstrong Cup Draw    Result 
26.08.2018     Ladies Result  Handicap championship Byers plus Armstrong     Result 
29.08.2018     Ladies Extra August Medal     Result 
02.09.2018     Ladies Summer Stableford Draw    Result 
09.09.2018     Mixed Open  10-00 tiull 15-00     Result
12.09.2018      Ladies Sept. Medal      Result 
16.09.2018     Ladies  Golf Foundation Brooch Draw    Result 
17.09.2018      Ladies Committee Meeting      
19.09.2018     Ladies extra sept medal     Result
20.09.2018     Ladies V Newcastle GC ladies Provisional 11-00 cancelled    Result 
23.09.2018     Ladies St Clares trophy  Draw   Result 
26.09.2018     Ladies Extra September medal  oved to 19th   Result
07.10.2018      T.B.A.      
14.10.2018     T.B.A.      
15.10.2018        Ladies committee meeting      
 21.10.2018      T.B.A.      
17.11.2018     Presentation  Night      
19.11.2018      Ladies committee meeting      
8.12.2018     Childrens Xmas party      
08.12.2018     Captains handover dinner  Moved to 24th Nov 2018     
10.12.2018     Ladies committee meeting      
13,12,2018     Ladies Xmas dinner      
16.12.2018     Childrens Xmas party  Moved to 8th Dec    

Club and Lady Captain's and Juniors  Drive In


 16.01.2019      Ladies AGM  7-00pm  Moved to Feb 27th    

 Ladies committee meeting


 Ladies AGM