A History of Heworth Golf Club - The 80's

1980 The £15,000 loan from Gateshead Council was repaid and we received a loan of £35,000 from Newcastle Breweries. Plans were started for drainage on the new course. A levy of £15 for men, £10 for ladies, £5 for 5eniors and juniors was imposed.

1981 Events included (a) Field Day Competition in place of the Pro-am. (b) D.C.G.U. used Heworth for the 2nd Division Teams Competition. (c) Durham County Ladies used the course in June. Heworth won the Division 2 Championship.

Sponsorship was introduced to Heworth Golf Club. Planning permission was given for Main Lounge and Bar improvements and for a Car Park extension. A cheque for £10,000 was received from Newcastle Breweries.

1982 The course was used by Durham County Junior Golf Society for their championship and by Northumberland and Durham Alliance. The Juniors won the Durham County Junior Knock-out Competition.

£500 was given by Newcastle Breweries towards extending the cellar.

1983 Drainage on the new 9 holes was improved at a cost of £8,000 and 200 more trees were planted.

The President produced names for the holes as follows: 1 Gingling Gate. 2 The Three Horse Shoes. 3 The Mouse Trap. 4 The Tunnel. 5 The Chimneys. 6 The Dixielanders. 7 Pebble Creek. 8 The Gap. 9 Round the Bend. 10 White Mare Pool. 11 Wrekendyke. 12 The Airport. 13 Palmer's Hall. 14 The Monument. 15 The Ditch. 16 Follonsby. 17 The Long Pull. 18 The Castle.

A cabin for a Pro's shop from Brancepeth G.C. was erected on a year's trial.

The beer cellar and car park were extended.

Membership was 362 men, 48 ladies, 18 seniors, 1 country, 62 juniors and 130 social members.

1984 Investigations were reviewed re the purchase of the land from the N.C.B. We received £12,000 loan from Newcastle Breweries. One thousand five hundred trees were planted. An extraordinary General Meeting empowered the committee to borrow up to a maximum of £125,000 and approved the action of the committee in pursuing the opportunity to purchase the freehold of the course.

1985 Further work was done on the drainage of the course. We proceeded with negotiations to buy the land and the price was reduced from £90,000 to £73,803. Grants and loans were promised from Newcastle Breweries, the Sports Council and the Bank. The freehold was purchased on 20th December.

David Moralee won the Durham County Match Play Championship and was selected to play for the County. The league team, most of whom are products of the Junior Section, won promotion to the 1st division of the North Durham League. These young players are important to Heworth's future. We look to them to take us into the twenty first century. We lost one of our most promising young members this year, Robert Jopling. He died as a result of an accident within yards of the clubhouse which meant so much to him.

1986 We've achieved the ultimate. The land is ours. Further improvements were made on the course particularly in relation to drainage and improvement of greens. Bunker sand is being replaced with ground quartz and fairways mole-drained. Much attention has been given to general improvements of the course.
On the playing side, members could not be more active in all sections including the veterans who meet weekly and enjoy matches with other clubs.

1987 Our 75th Anniversary. Plans are in hand to celebrate this. What a far cry to those early, but exciting days of 1912! We can only hope that when the centenary comes in 2012 present members will be able to review as much progress in the next 25 years as the club has made in the last 25 years.

I cannot finish without reminding you of all the people throughout the years to whom we should be grateful both officers and committee members. A special word has to be reserved for those who worked so hard during the war years, the sixties and seventies when plans for 18 holes and a new clubhouse were made and the eighties when these plans reached fruition. The contribution these members made towards the developments now achieved was invaluable. Most of the work invariably falls on your officers and committee, but we must not forget the voluntary work of many members during our developing years. The Officers and Committee of 1986-87 have worked hard to overcome problems mainly associated with the acquisition of the freehold which has given the club a firm foundation on which to build. This necessarily meant extra responsibility for the already hard worked Secretary, Greg Holbrow and Treasurer, Bryan Henderson who have been together as officials since the early eighties. In this anniversary year most of these officers and committee are still working on behalf of the club. We thank all who have helped and ask that future members support the club as loyally as in the past.